How I Meet Clients’ Intellectual Property Needs

When you need assistance with intellectual property issues, you generally have two options: choosing a lawyer who focuses exclusively on IP law or one with a more generalized background in business law. However, only a registered patent attorney can file US patent applications on your behalf. Since I have been a registered practitioner since 1982, and my entire practice is dedicated to my clients’ IP issues and concerns, we pride ourselves on being up-to-date on the latest changes and cases in the world of intellectual property law. Regardless of what your issue is or how complex it is, I am confident in my ability to address it promptly and professionally. While a general business lawyer may have some experience in the area of intellectual property law, an IP lawyer is better equipped to handle the complexities of this area of practice.

In my practice, I focus on three main areas of expertise:

  • Patents: Securing patents is the key to protecting the innovations that will help your business grow. At OspreyIP, I assist clients in filing US and international patent applications.
  • Trademarks: Filing and defending your trademarks is essential to protecting your brand. I help clients by providing several trademark services.
  • Opinion: As you expand your brand and try to figure out where you fit in the marketplace, it’s important to assess the patentability of your inventions and understand what your competitors are doing to protect their intellectual property. In this area of our practice, I provide ongoing counsel to brands as they expand.

I have worked with brands in a range of chemical and life science industries, including:

  • Pharmaceutical formulations
  • Nutrition science
  • Therapeutic peptides
  • Pharmaceutical ingredients
  • Biotechnology
  • Diagnostic imaging systems
  • Monoclonal antibodies
  • Food manufacturing
  • And more

Ready to find out how OspreyIP can help you protect your intellectual property against misuse and misappropriation? Contact me now to schedule a consultation.