What to Know About the Patent Cooperation Treaty

As globalization continues to permeate every aspect of different commercial activities, the international patent community has sought ways to streamline different procedures across the globe. One way this has taken hold is through the Patent Cooperation Treaty, which aims to provide one process to facilitate protection of intellectual property among the contracting nations. The total number of nations that have Read More

European Opposition Procedure

If you are interested in applying for a European Patent, you need to be familiar with the post-grant administrative proceeding known as the European Patent Office (EPO) Opposition Procedure. This is the process by which someone (anyone, regardless of commercial interest) is able to challenge, or oppose, a European Patent after grant. One of the attractive features of this procedure, in addition to the relatively low Read More

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Infringement vs. Dilution

U.S. law recognizes that trademark dilution and trademark infringement are two separate and distinct violations. There are variances worldwide, but many countries and the European Union recognize trademark dilution and trademark infringement (though some jurisdictions refer to it by different names). The two offenses might be similar in the minds of many, but what exactly are the Read More

Thinking of filing your patent application in Japan? 3 Issues to consider

There are a lot of reasons to consider filing your patent application in Japan. Japan currently has the third largest economy in the world, but for foreign business owners, that advantage can be lost when you consider the barricades to conducting business in Japan. Before you jump in with both feet, consider the following issues and think about whether it’s worth it for your company. 1. The Fees Can Be Read More

Destruction of Patentability Explained

Patentability is a concept at the heart of intellectual property law. Filing a patent application allows you to protect your ideas, but before you go through the time and expense of preparing and filing an application, you should check whether your invention is patentable. Certain situations lead to the destruction of patentability. What Is Patentability? The idea of patentability determines whether or not an Read More

Understanding the Difference Between Actual Use and Intent to Use Trademarks

When you decide to register a trademark, you have to make a key decision: Are you going to file an actual use application or an intent to use application? Key differences separate these options, and making the wrong choice could cause your application to be delayed or denied. Each Use Defined - An actual use application, also known as a section 1(a) application, is intended for use by companies that are Read More